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Jiangsu Ripe Medical Instruments

Our company is a production factory, mainly produce allkinds of surgical stapler and medical instruments made by highpolymer material. The company has advanced processing andinspection equipment, a 10,000-evel and a 100,000-evelpurified workshop and complete production line, all kinds oftesting rooms such as “physics laboratory”,“chemicallaboratory"and “sterility laboratory”,it has modernizeprocessing condition and testing means which are leading world level. The company has a strong technology power, a high-quality technical management teamand a lot of stable and skilled production technician. We are taking advanced international craft brotheras our goal and in corporating clinical operation experience to develop more practicability and reliabilityproducts. On the assumption of assuring quality reliable, formed our own characteristic and obtainedmany patented technology.

2011 Year

Company establishment


Production workshop and assembly line


Medical device industry policy constantly, what are the good coming?

With the policy of good spring breeze, medical equipment plate appeared more obvious rebound trend. From the news point of view: "for hospitals and other equipment purchase and renovation of new loans, the implementation of phased incentive policies, the central government discount 2.5 percentage points, the term of 2 years, the application for discount as of December 31 this year." This means that the pressure on hospital funds is eased, so medical device and pharmaceutical companies will pay back faster, and pharmaceutical companies will have more funds to equip new equipment and drugs, which is a direct benefit to pharmaceuticals and suppliers.

The import and export of medical devices are gradually stable.

In recent years, the total import volume of medical devices in China has continued to grow, and the total import and export volume will further increase with the further expansion of market demand and the acceleration of overseas market layout of domestic equipment companies. At present, China's high-end respiratory health medical equipment in the field of imported products are more serious, has not yet formed import substitution, the future of a certain period of imported medical devices will continue to increase steadily, and will still be dominated by high-end imaging products.